Let’s break this down into something easy to understand!

Imagine you’re getting ready for bed, but you decide to play with your tablet or phone. Did you know that the light from these devices can make it harder for you to fall asleep? That’s because they emit something called „blue light,” which messes with a special sleepy hormone called melatonin in your brain.

Now, some smart scientists wanted to see if they could fix this problem for people who have trouble sleeping. So, they gave some people special glasses with orange lenses that block out the visible light. These glasses make sure that the blue light from screens doesn’t bother them before bedtime.

They asked some grown-ups who have trouble sleeping to wear these special glasses for two hours before going to bed for a whole week. They also had another group wear regular glasses with clear lenses as a comparison.

After trying out both kinds of glasses, they found something cool! The people who wore the orange glasses slept better than those who wore the regular ones. They woke up feeling more rested, and they even fell asleep faster.

This discovery is important because many people have trouble sleeping, and lots of us use screens before bed. These special glasses could be a simple and helpful solution to help us sleep better. Plus, they’re easy to use and not too expensive, so anyone can try them out!

So, if you ever have trouble sleeping and like using screens before bed, maybe wearing these special orange glasses could help you have sweeter dreams!

The circadian photoreceptor system, which is like a special clock in our bodies that helps us know when it’s time to sleep, is most sensitive to blue light. This means that the blue light from screens can really mess up our sleep hormones and make us feel more awake when we should be getting sleepy.

Most of the screens we use, like on computers, TVs, smartphones, and tablets, emit a lot of blue light. Even some light bulbs in our homes do this too! All this blue light exposure before bed can make it harder for us to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Imagine, almost everyone in a big survey said they use screens before bed. That’s a lot of people! And because of this, many folks end up having trouble sleeping. But even though doctors say to stop using screens before bed, it’s tough for people to listen.

That’s where these special glasses for visible light come in! They have lenses that block out the harmful blue light, so even if you use screens before bed, it won’t mess up your sleep as much. Some studies have shown that these glasses can help keep our sleep hormones working well.

But, before this study, nobody tested these glasses on people who have a real hard time sleeping. So, these smart scientists decided to try it out! They wanted to see if wearing these special glasses before bed could actually help people with insomnia, which is when you have a really tough time sleeping.

They guessed that wearing these glasses for two hours before bed might make folks sleep better compared to not wearing them. And guess what? They were right! Wearing these special glasses made people with insomnia sleep better and feel more rested when they woke up.

This is really cool because it shows that even if you have trouble sleeping, there might be simple things, like wearing special glasses, that can help you get better sleep. So, next time you’re having trouble sleeping, maybe try putting on some of these special glasses and see if they help you have sweet dreams!